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If treatment is necessary we will put together a bespoke treatment plan for you and talk you through all the options available.

We are equipped with the latest digital X-ray equipment, inter-oral camera and the latest cosmetic dental materials. Our crown, veneer and bridge work are of the highest standards due to the high quality of technical work provided by our dental laboratories.

Your dentist will provide you with a routine scale and polish. There are those patients who have more serious gum conditions. Your dentist will usually refer you to our hygienist.

Treatments consist of removing plaque and tartar from the teeth, cleaning out pockets between teeth and gums, stain removal and polishing the teeth. If required oral hygiene instruction and diet advice may be given. This can be especially helpful for children. Your dentist will usually refer you to our hygienist.


These braces are transparent and virtually invisible. It is a revolutionary way of straightening the teeth without the use of wires and brackets using a series of individually made aligners which gradually and gently move your teeth into the desired position.

The aligners are very thin and fit snugly over your teeth but are removed when eating. They can be removed for important meetings.

Invisible brace consultation £300.00
Includes Study models
You will be asked to return for a follow up appointment to discuss your individually treatment plan.

Invisible Brace is a flexible and comfortable treatment that is particularly suitable for adults. If you require more information our reception staff would be happy to send you the Invisible Brace brochure.


Sedation is administered by a dentist or qualified sedation nurse.

Patients receive sedative drugs by injection usually into the arm.

Once you have been sedated you will rapidly feel relaxed and unconcerned about your treatment. This relaxed state will be monitored and maintained throughout your treatment by a nurse and dentist. You will have little or no memory of the experience.

Any procedure that is usually done in our surgery can be done with sedation if appropriate.

Please note you will need to have a responsible adult with you at all times.

Fee £70.00


Tooth whitening is a great way to improve your smile.
The advantage of our system is that it is non invasive and does not require any tooth preparation. You are in full control of the process and can achieve your personal preferred tooth shade.

It is easy to top up at a later date as once you have your custom made whitening trays and prescribed strength whitening gel you can purchase additional gel as and when needed .

Fee £320.00 Upper and Lower


Do you have old crowns that do not match your own teeth, dark lines around the gum margins, missing teeth that you would like to replace or would just like to improve your smile?

We can help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. With our attention to detail and the expertise of our laboratory technicians we can transform your smile. It may be the little things that make all the difference by just replacing a silver filling with white tooth coloured restoration. If you would like your teeth to look whiter or brighter tooth whitening is available

Whatever your concerns are please discuss it with your dentist they are always happy to discuss your treatment options with you. Our dentists and laboratory technicians are always up dating their skills so if you have previously enquired about cosmetic treatment and did not get a solution at that time please do not hesitate to ask again.


Does your partner refuse to believe their snoring could possibly be as bad as you claim? Help is at hand.

Your dentist is able to make you a custom made light-weight mouth piece that can be worn at night. This will move the lower jaw slightly forward and improve the airflow enabling you to breathe naturally through your mouth and nose.

For more information please ring or call in for a leaflet or go to

FROM £300.00


Hygienist appointments are available to everyone. If you are not a patient at the practice we are able to offer you a hygienist appointment under Direct Access (no need to see a dentist).

For those patients who do not look forward to this treatment and find it particularly sensitive, we often recommend that you see the hygienist who is able to perform this treatment in a gentle and comfortable manner. If you would prefer to see her for cosmetic reasons you may call reception and make the appointment.

30 Minute Appointment £40.00
45 Minute Appointment £55.00
Children 15 Minute Appointment £22.00
Direct Access £55.00